Order - Demo 2017 (Undesirable​-​016)

by Order

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Order is a collective of friends and artists largely from Southeastern Virginia.This is their first recording.


released July 15, 2017

Order is: Nathan Byrum, Keith Maynard, Isaac Moreno, Na'eem Outlaw, Samuel Ramos, Ryan Stoner.

This recording features: Byrum, Maynard, Outlaw, Stoner.

Recorded and mastered by Bob Quirk at Ground Up in Richmond, VA.



all rights reserved


Anthems of The Undesirable Norfolk, Virginia

Independent label and distro in Norfolk, VA since 2008.
Outsider music for weirdos. Focusing primarily on experimental punk, metal, hardcore, and noise-rock.

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Track Name: Pillars
each night i chase the fear and hate
that courses through my veins
i never sleep
i never wake
from this never ending nightmare

i fall deeper into absurdity
further into obscurity
beyond all reason
beyond all madness
is there an answer to all of this?

i hear the final trumpet sounding
the final seal has been broken
the beast rises from the sea
prophets cry out in their sleep

there is no turning back
we’re returning to the void
there is no end to this
i’m falling and i have nothing to hold onto

nothing but myself


i see the pillars that held you up
now crumbling beneath you
what defined you, being erased
the world you know is ending

everyone you love
is slowly and painfully
and you are powerless to stop it

you let these moments pass you by
while you lay here weeping
you’ve got to get out of your head boy
get out of your head wake up

you’ve grown old in your mind
but you’re still young and stupid
that aching heart of yours won’t stop time
it won’t stop death

get up
Track Name: Altar
spill my blood on this altar of hate
taste my flesh in this communion
release the god within yourself
we will now become as one

i know what you did
i know what you are

bear witness oh Lord, as we burn alive
on this funeral pyre
the flesh of christ will cleanse our pain
as we ascend into His light

I know what you did
i know what you are
if there is a God
i’ll spit on you in Hell
Track Name: Order
these are the words i can’t say
oh mother please don’t cry
these chains
this weight
dragged down
through this dream

this wound
won’t heal
fractured bone
grown off path

fall in,

shame is your master
hair in fist
blood on sheets
stretched thin across cold metal
drawn and quartered
drained on all fours

different faces to different people
I keep my eyes on the door
every day with a knife in my gut
and my back to the wall

blind guild and ignorance

fear on the edge of a knife
my mind rests in terror

my mind rests in terror
disconnected flesh and will
my mind rests in terror
i want to rest in order

held down you cried for God
only echoes responded
brought to the edge of pain
powerless and alone

break these chains
seal the wound
get up
get up and find order
Track Name: Remission
Pick up the broken pieces
this pain does not define you
the war in your head
won’t spill over and break through

these images are just
memories long gone
they can’t hurt you here
the night has turned to dawn

Broken teeth
shattered hands
dragged down
so low
release the burden
this debt is in remission

Broken teeth
shattered hands
dragged down
so low
come to your knees now
accept this integration

Pull the nails from your palms
you can’t let them in
you aren’t the only one
to do this again and again

Dash fear agains the rocks
this is not over yet
you’ll fight every day till your dead but
you aren’t dead yet

They can’t hurt you here